Online poker platforms are gradually introducing anonymous tables that eliminate concerns about unfair advantages for players. Such tables do not allow the use of player trackers or specialized software that some players use to gain an edge. As a result, when you join one of these tables, you begin on an equal footing with every other player.

The popularity of this particular online poker format has increased significantly because, on other non-anonymous casino sites, your opponents can view your entire playing history, including your tendencies and the outcomes of your previous game sessions.

This gives them an unfair advantage as they can predict your potential moves, such as checking, betting, raising, or folding in certain situations. With this knowledge of your cards and preferred poker strategy, they can defeat you more frequently than otherwise. Meanwhile, you need to include information about their hand.

However, anonymous online poker tables offer another set of advantages. Playing at these tables can enhance your skills since you are not competing against opponents with extensive knowledge of your poker-playing style.

You get to play poker on an equal footing, and the outcomes of your actions are purely based on your own decisions rather than any external factors. This enables you to play a fair game and improve your skills by learning from the actual outcomes of your choices. Let’s explore how anonymous online poker can help you develop your skills.

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What’s so great about playing Anonymous Online Poker Games?

Online poker tournaments offer the most significant potential for earning substantial winnings. However, if these tournaments do not provide anonymous poker tables, the leading positions are likely to be taken by expert players using unfair software.

The primary advantage of anonymous tables is eliminating any unfair advantage that players may have by gathering information about the playing styles of their opponents. In an online poker game, every player should have an equal opportunity to succeed based on their skills, knowledge, and luck.

However, when player trackers and HUDs are utilized to reveal player histories, the playing field becomes skewed, and weaker players are disadvantaged. As a result, the table turns into a shark tank, with skilled players preying on weaker opponents.

Using player trackers and heads-up displays (HUDs) may provide an advantage in poker games online but can also become a crutch. By relying on these tools, players may become dependent on them rather than developing their online poker strategies through mental analysis. This dependence on software may hinder their ability to perform well in live games or at poker sites, such as ours, that offer anonymous poker tables.

Having said that, relying on something different than extra poker software enables players to concentrate on the game and their opponents, including reading tells. Interestingly, even online poker games can reveal what players exhibit, despite the lack of body language or facial expressions.

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Here are a few tips for playing Anon tables

Observing a showdown corresponding to a particular bet size can be extremely valuable. For instance, if an opponent makes a small bet on the river with a weak-made hand, followed by a large bet with a strong-made hand, you should seriously consider the possibility that the player is using bet sizing to reflect hand strength. Recognizing this pattern can have several implications.

Firstly, depending on your hand, you might fold when a player makes a big bet and call or raise when the chance is slight. Secondly, it may reveal that sure hands, which might otherwise beat some value bets, are only suitable as bluff catchers when you see a larger bet size.

On the other hand, if you notice a small bet size, hands that would typically serve as good bluff catchers can be raised for value instead. In the case of an opponent who tends to make big bets with strong hands, you can fold when they make a large bet on the river and raise with hands like top pair and top kicker when they bet small.

This way, you can extract the most value from your opponent when you have a more substantial hand and fold when you’re beaten. Identifying these types of opponents is essential, as it allows you to avoid costly mistakes when you’re beaten and capitalize on your advantage when you’re ahead.

If you only have a short session at an online poker site, spotting a timing tell might be fleeting. However, it doesn’t mean that observing such tells is not worth the effort. For instance, if your opponent starts to act quickly after being consistently slow or in a rhythm, you should mentally note it.

But more is needed to observe the timing change; you must also interpret it. Remember that the significance of a shift in timing is not that acting fast indicates bluffing. Some players may bluff quickly in certain situations, while others may bet immediately when they have the nuts. More experienced players will balance their timing. So, it’s crucial to stay attentive.

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The sizing of three-bets made by your opponents is a significant clue to their playing style. It’s important to note that from a mathematical standpoint, if they three-bet the minimum, you should generally call with all your hands. Conversely, the more significant the three-bet, the greater the number of hands you should consider folding from your range.


Anonymous poker has its benefits, particularly for those who wish to keep their results and strategies a secret from the competition. It allows them to make decisions without fear of being identified by opponents and having their moves predicted. That said, as with any online poker venture, players need to understand all the rules of anonymous poker before getting involved.

They should also invest in reliable online security measures and use sites that abide by all applicable regulations to ensure their data remains safe and private. Learning a neutral poker strategy can help beginners succeed at anonymous poker more quickly. With the right combination of caution and knowledge, anonymous poker can be a great way to enjoy fast-paced action while sheltering team tactics from opponents’ prying eyes.